Medical Staff Bylaws


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WHEREAS, Your Hospital (“Your Hospital” or “Hospital”) is a not-for- profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Ohio;


WHEREAS, its purpose is to serve as a general hospital providing patient care, education and research; and


WHEREAS, the Medical Staff is a self-governing body and is a constituent part of the Hospital, and must work with and is subject to the ultimate authority of the Board of the Hospital in keeping with the core values.


WHEREAS, the Medical Staff acts on behalf of the Hospital and the Board of the Hospital in peer review, quality assurance, credentialing, utilization review and other matters that are appropriately delegated to the Medical Staff.


THEREFORE, the members of the Medical Staff practicing in the Hospital shall carry out the functions delegated to the Medical Staff by the Board in conformity with the following Bylaws duly approved by the Board.

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