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If tremor strikes when you are inside:
  • Stay inside.
  • Watch out for falling debris.
  • Stay away from windows and mirrors.
  • Crawl under a table or desk, sit or stand against inside wall away from windows, or stand inside a strong doorway.
After the tremor:
  1. Check for injured people. Do not move seriously injured people unless they are in immediate danger.
  2. Await specific instructions for evacuation, if necessary.
  3. Do not use the telephone except to report an emergency.
    • If call is necessary, dial 1111 and report the emergency situation. Be sure to give your name, building and room number, and telephone extension.
  4. Do not use plumbing or anything electrical (including elevators) until after the utility and electrical lines have been checked.
  5. Open doors carefully, watching for objects that may fall.
  6. Do not use matches or lighters.
  7. Watch for fires that may have started.
Assessing damage:

Plant Operations with assistance of Staff will inspect for damage from the earthquake and determine priority of repair work needed. PO&M 298-7916

Be prepared for additional “aftershocks”.

Although most of these are smaller than the main shock, some may be large enough to cause additional damage/injury.

Explosion is in another area:

Await specific instructions.

Explosion is in your area:
  1. Immediately turn off any burners or other heating devices.
  2. Remove patients and personnel from immediate danger area.
  3. Call Public Safety at 1111
  4. Activate fire alarm system via pull station.
  5. Prepare for further evacuation, if necessary.
  6. Use telephones for emergencies only.
  7. Reassure patients and their families.

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