Code Yellow


Decisions to move patients and personnel to another area within the facility, other than away from immediate danger, will be made by Administration/designee, PMC Clinical Lead, Safety Officer, West Chester Fire and/or Police Department.


Physician Responsibility

  • Assist in transport patients to a safe location as directed.
  • Communicate with clinical manager or charge nurse.
  • Assist to ensure patients are NOT to be left alone; a staff member should always be with patients.

Types of Evacuations

Shelter in Place

A protective action where Staff, Patients, and Vendors remain within the security of the facility in response to an event. May be in conjunction with Local, Horizontal or Vertical Evacuation.


Within the same smoke compartment
Local evacuation would take place when persons are removed from the immediate area within the same compartment.


Across to another unit
If horizontal evacuation is ordered, the patients or other personnel shall be removed from the smoke compartment involved in the occurrence or incident to another smoke compartment on the same floor.


Down to another floor
Vertical evacuation (downward movement of patients or other personnel) may be ordered if the occurrence or incident cannot be contained/or controlled within the smoke compartments.


Totally outside of building
A decision to have a total evacuation would be coordinated with the emergency response teams, West Chester Fire/Police Departments, the administrative staff, or Safety Officer.

Total evacuation would occur only as a last resort. A total evacuation is categorized as either delayed danger or immediate danger.

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