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Emergency Preparedness Procedures is designed to guide you during emergencies such as fires, disasters, bomb threats or medical emergencies. Keep this quick reference guide in a visible location so that it is readily accessible when needed. Please be familiar with the information contained in this quick reference guide.

Anyone wishing more information regarding emergency procedures should contact:
      Safety Officer at 298-7702
      Emergency Management Officer at 298-8852

During a disaster or emergency West Chester Hospital may activate its Hospital Incident Command System-HICS.

My Role in Emergency Preparedness?

  • Medical Staff will be responsible for familiarizing themselves with and following the Emergency Operations Plan, Unit Sub Plans and Emergency Preparedness Procedures.
  • Medical Staff will be responsible for understanding basic principles of the Hospital Incident Command System.
  • Medical Staff will be responsible for participating in drills and exercises.
  • Medical Staff will be responsible for completing any education / training as required.
  • Medical Staff will be responsible for taking an active role in identifying any plans or processes that need improvement and actively participate in the creation of plans and processes.
  • Issues or concerns identified should be communicated to Administration, Safety Officer and/or EM Officer.
  • Medical Staff will be responsible for keeping Medical Staffing Office up to date on changes to Contact List.

What's the Hospitals Role in Safety?

  • Provide a safe, clean environment for patients visitors and staff.
  • Appoint a Safety Officer and Environment of Care Committee represented by all areas.
  • Have policies and procedures designed to keep the environment safe, correct safety problems and respond to emergencies.
  • Test the effectiveness of the policies, procedures and corrective actions through drills, safety inspections and activities of the Environment of Care Committee.

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